First-Call Settlements

First-Call Settlements

| Jul 31, 2020 | Personal Injury

If you are involved in a serious car accident you will sometimes find yourselves getting calls from concerned insurance company adjusters.  Don’t be misled.  The only thing they are concerned about is saving their company money.  They will make you feel like they care about your injuries, and they will ask about your medical bills, and they will make you a settlement offer that sounds too good to be true; it might be 3 or 4 times what the your costs are.  But there’s a problem.  You are hurt.  Those bills are not going to stop.

That is why you need to get a personal injury attorney involved in your case early.  Insurance companies are not interested in your health or your recovery, but in limiting their monetary exposure.  If their driver is negligent they know that they are going to have to pay, and they want to make sure that that amount is as small as possible.  By using flattery and tricking you into settling your case before you are done treating or even done evaluating your injuries they take advantage of you.  A personal injury attorney stops them from being able to do that.

Each personal injury case is different, and the amount that you can expect to recover in your case will vary based on your injuries, liability determinations, and insurance coverage.  You can be sure to maximize your recovery, however, by not talking to insurance companies about your health.  Talk to your health care providers and talk to your attorney.

Here at Gurion Legal we take personal injury seriously.  We offer free consultations on all personal injury cases.  We always work on a contingency basis, which means that we do not get paid unless you get paid.  Get in touch with us today so we can evaluate your case and find out how we can protect your interests from the insurance companies.